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Author:Paul Auster, Luc Sante, Art Spiegelman First Book Publish:1986 Books in series: 3 Avg. Book Rating:7.8 Characters: The New York Trilogy (New York Trilogy Book 1) First published: April 6th 1987Rating: 7.86 stars GoodReads:The New York Trilogy Review: For me, this was a problematic book, fraught with numerous problemats. For one thing I have a grievance with any book that expects the reader to slog halfway through it before any rewarding aspects begin to surface. I sympathize entirely with anyone who quits before getting to that point, since I very nearly did exactly that.Also, I kept hearing that part I, “City of Glass”, was the high point, and that afterward it went downhill. When I was halfway through “Ghosts” (part II) I would have completely agreed with that sentiment, since I thought “City of Glass” was kind of a drag with some highlights, and “Ghosts” initially did everything in its power to make me want to set the book on fire and drop it into a chasm.But whoever was saying that either did quit halfway through, or is just plain wrong. The Trilogy improves so dramatically in part III that it might as well be a different book, even as…