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Author:Jane Feather, Kenneth C. Johnson, A.C. Crispin, Tim Sullivan, George W. Proctor, Somtow Sucharitkul, Allen L. Wold, Jayne Tannehill, Howard Weinstein, Deborah A. Marshall First Book Publish:1984 Books in series: 16 Avg. Book Rating:7.1 Characters: Vice (V Book 1) First published: April 27th 1985Rating: 6.92 stars GoodReads:Vice Review: From the incomparable Jane Feather, author of national bestsellers Vanity, Violet, and Valentine, comes this enthralling new romance of daring deception and forbidden passion.Juliana drew the line at becoming a harlot. She had already begun the week as a bride…and ended it as a murderess. She was sure no one would believe that she’d hit her elderly groom with a bed warmer and knocked him quite dead by accident. So she did the only thing she could – she ran. Yet now she was in no position to turn down a shocking proposition from the dangerously handsome Duke of Redmayne: that she become one man’s wife and another man’s mistress – his mistress. Could she play such a role? Could she live up to such a bargain? And once she had tasted the pleasures of Redmayne’s bed, would she ever want anything else. V: The Second Generation (V Book 2) First published:…

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Popular Series / 31.10.2017

Author:Robin Schone First Book Publish:1985 Books in series: 2 Avg. Book Rating:7.7 Characters: Gabriel, Victoria Childers, Anne Aimes, Michael/ Michel des Anges Gabriel’s Woman (The Lover Book 1) First published: July 31st 2001Rating: 7.74 stars GoodReads:Gabriel’s Woman Review: Moody, Gothic, and So Very Sexy…Robin Schone once again challenges our notions of female sexuality and male power with Gabriel’s Woman. Like her previous short works and novels, neither Gabriel or Victoria are the stereotypical romance couple. Gabriel, a former prostitute and now owner of an exclusive brothel that bears his name, is a man tormented by an act so tragic, that it has shaped him into the untouchable being he now is. Wealthy women will pay any price for his services, but he knows they would never pay the price for loving the man he truly is, nor would they wish to see that part of him.Victoria is a dimissed governess whose only crime was not responding to a former employer’s advances–a situation that was quite the norm in Victorian England. She boldly offers her virginity up for auction inside The House of Gabriel, and commands a staggering sum in the process.Ms. Schone’s use of the gothic style harkens one back…