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Inspector Ian Rutledge – read online free book series
Popular Series / 31.10.2017

Author:Charles Todd, First Book Publish:1998 Books in series: 19 Avg. Book Rating:8 Characters: , Ian Rutledge, Lettice Wood, Mark Wilton, Catherine Tarrant, Bert Mavers, Daniel Hickam, Laurence Royston, Helena Sommers, Sally Davenant A Long Shadow (Inspector Ian Rutledge Book 1) First published: January 2nd 2006Rating: 8.16 stars GoodReads:A Long Shadow Review: If a movie is going to be made from these books – this should be the one!! This book is a great mystery and keeps one guessing until the very last chapter.A mystery solved without CSI!! The book plods along – and whenever I think it could have gone quicker I realize that the book takes place in 1919 and there is no CSI. They couldn’t even take a fingerprint. Surprised that it could be determined whether something was poisoned!!The one annoying thing – is that it is very obvious that the book was not written by an Englishman – because the word honor is Americanized. Other then that – you can hear the accent and see the English countryside.This is my favorite Ian Rutledge book. By this book he has become a well established detective.Things I love:-tUsing people’s body language to obtain information-tShort chapters-tSmall town characters-tIan Rutledge’s use…

The Freddie Montgomery Trilogy – read online free book series
Popular Series / 31.10.2017

Author:John Banville First Book Publish:1994 Books in series: 3 Avg. Book Rating:7.5 Characters: The Book of Evidence (The Freddie Montgomery Trilogy Book 1) First published: June 11th 2001Rating: 7.56 stars GoodReads:The Book of Evidence Review: Banville es un estilista desde la médula del lenguaje. Me cuesta explicarme cómo un libro relativamente breve haya sido de difícil lectura para mí, quizá porque la novela nos obliga al avance a tramos, para no rasparnos con su aspereza. Por supuesto, es de los libros que se aman o detestan sin tonos medios: deslumbrante por donde se le vea, incómoda, poderosa. Uno de los mayores logros de Banville, amén de su prosa tan depurada, es la creación de Freddy Montgomery, un ser erudito, humano y aborrecible. Repito mi apreciación: no se trata de una lectura complaciente, pero es una lectura indispensable. Athena (The Freddie Montgomery Trilogy Book 2) First published: May 27th 1996Rating: 7.3 stars GoodReads:Athena Review: Unorganized thoughts:- I really enjoyed this. I almost want to give it five stars, but I feel like I should save those for the best of the best, and this lacked that little something to push it over the top. It’s fantastic, though, and I’m really in…