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The Hitchhiker Strain – read online free book series.
Popular Series / 09.06.2017

A month time has passed since zombies started to walk on the Earth. The wonderful vaccine meant to save the world would not work. There are four teenagers that are trying to survive while a new breed of more powerful and clever walking dead endangering humans` lives start to rise up. Sixteen-year-old girl Savannah had a feeling that she had gone through the worst time of mankind`s history after she lived through the eruption of a tremendous plague.  No one knew that the magical vaccine was a source of a danger that was more fatal than turning into an undead. Now there are two kinds of infected creatures different to each other that are roaming the planet and whose only desire is devouring all those people that are left after the outbreak of infection. After being attacked by zombies the ones that have been injected with the vaccine start feeling that their self-control escapes from them and the idea of eating up their dearest alive becomes more like an obsession. The only thing that Savannah is looking for while living in a deserted high school building and suffering from starvation is a chance to resist. She gets that opportunity after…

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – read online free book series.
Movie Adaptation / 12.08.2016

“The idea of combining two data sources into a new product began in the tech world before spreading to other media, including book publishing”. These words said by Adam Cohen, the page editor of the New York Times, were said as regards to the word “mashup”. It is interesting that “mashup” or “mash-up” were firstly used as a musical terms to denote songs written as a composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another. Nowadays, this word represents completely new genre in literature. The most popular and successful book written in this style is “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” which gave rise to lots of imitators. Despite all the competitors “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” is still the most vivid and mostly preferred by public. This book is a combination of the plot of the classical novel “Pride and Prejuice” written by Jane Austen, which makes up the base ingredient of the new book being seasoned with zombies and ninja elements what let the reader have a completely new feeling of well-known story. Nevertheless, don’t think that if you have read the original…

Dexter – read online free book series.
Movie Adaptation / 27.05.2016

“Darkly Dreaming Dexter” is the first book about Dexter. It introduces us with a charming employee of police laboratory. He is attractive, sociable, friendly… in appearance. As it turns out, he has learnt to pretend to be “a normal man” and behave himself right in society. What secret he is hiding? Our charming hero is a serial murderer with a unique pattern. He kills “bad guys” who avoided punishment for their crimes.   Dexter is not like all the others — he doesn’t have feelings all ordinary people possess, but he has a passion for murders. This is not his fault,as it is a result of a psychological trauma he experienced in the childhood. His stepfather, a police officer, noticed this in time and directed all illegal desires of Morgan Dexter for a good cause — to destruct all maniacs and abusers. All this forces us — the readers — to love Dexter despite his apparently wrong acts.   All fans of this genre will be happy to read these series. Here you can find nice heroes, and interesting plots. The first-person narration allows us to understand his character and motives.   The plot of TV series coincides with books…