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The Morland Dynasty – read online free book series
Popular Series / 31.10.2017

Author:Cynthia Harrod-Eagles First Book Publish:1981 Books in series: 29 Avg. Book Rating:8.3 Characters: The Long Shadow (The Morland Dynasty Book 1) First published: May 31st 1994Rating: 8.16 stars GoodReads:The Long Shadow Review: 1670 – Charles II and James IIMorland Place has flourished under Ralph’s stewardship, while Annunciata is a great lady of the Court. Splendid futures seem to be promised for her children; but the religious rift opened by Henry VIII has never been fully healed, and conflict resurfaces at the accession of the Catholic James II. Frightening times ensue, when it is impossible to know who to trust. Annunciata herself is put on trial, while jealousy, betrayal and sudden death threaten her family. And in the shadow of revolution comes a new love to Annunciata, one that can only lead to tragedy. The Tangled Thread (The Morland Dynasty Book 2) First published: August 31st 1987Rating: 8.66 stars GoodReads:The Tangled Thread Review: 1788 – The French Revolution; beginning of Industrial RevolutionIn France, as the revolution begins, Henri, the bastard offshoot of the Morland family, strives to protect his family. He binds his daughter Heloise in loveless marriage to a Revolutionary, and allies himself with the vigorous Danton. But in the…

Inspector Ian Rutledge – read online free book series
Popular Series / 31.10.2017

Author:Charles Todd, First Book Publish:1998 Books in series: 19 Avg. Book Rating:8 Characters: , Ian Rutledge, Lettice Wood, Mark Wilton, Catherine Tarrant, Bert Mavers, Daniel Hickam, Laurence Royston, Helena Sommers, Sally Davenant A Long Shadow (Inspector Ian Rutledge Book 1) First published: January 2nd 2006Rating: 8.16 stars GoodReads:A Long Shadow Review: If a movie is going to be made from these books – this should be the one!! This book is a great mystery and keeps one guessing until the very last chapter.A mystery solved without CSI!! The book plods along – and whenever I think it could have gone quicker I realize that the book takes place in 1919 and there is no CSI. They couldn’t even take a fingerprint. Surprised that it could be determined whether something was poisoned!!The one annoying thing – is that it is very obvious that the book was not written by an Englishman – because the word honor is Americanized. Other then that – you can hear the accent and see the English countryside.This is my favorite Ian Rutledge book. By this book he has become a well established detective.Things I love:-tUsing people’s body language to obtain information-tShort chapters-tSmall town characters-tIan Rutledge’s use…

Time Quintet – read online free book series
Popular Series / 31.10.2017

Author:Madeleine L’Engle First Book Publish:1962 Books in series: 5 Avg. Book Rating:8.1 Characters: Meg Murry, Charles Wallace Murry, Calvin O’Keefe, Dr. Kate Murry, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, Mrs. Which, Calvin O'Keefe, Mrs. O’Keefe, Mad Dog Branzillo, Gaudior, Echthroi, Harcels, Madoc Gywnedd, Brandon Llawcae, Matthew Maddox, Chuck Maddox, Mrs. O'Keefe, Sandy Murry, Dennys Murry, Japheth, Lamech, Noah Riggins, Yalith, Mrs. Murry, Proginoskes, Poly O’Keefe, Dr. Louise Colubra, Alex Murry, Kate Murry, Zachary Gray, Karralys, Anaral, Tav, Bishop Nason Colubra, Klep, Brown Earth, Poly O'Keefe A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet Book 1) First published: May 28th 1962Rating: 8.08 stars GoodReads:A Wrinkle in Time Review: I started reading “A Wrinkle In Time” when I was 8 or 10. I say started because I never finished it. I can’t remember exactly why, but I think it kind of scared the crap out of me. Now, 15 or 17 years later, I’ve read it again (this time the whole thing) and there’s really nothing scary at all about it. It’s possible that, as a kid, I was somehow relating this book to the terribly scary Disney movie “Something Wicked This Way Comes”. Again, I don’t know why.Whatever the reason for my fears, the book…

The Power Of One – read online free book series
Popular Series / 31.10.2017

Author:Bryce Courtenay, First Book Publish:1989 Books in series: 2 Avg. Book Rating:8.6 Characters: "Doc" Bradley Stanwick, Peekay, Geel Piet, Morris Levy, The Judge, Mrs. Boxall, Miss Bornstein, The Power of One (The Power Of One Book 1) First published: June 10th 1989Rating: 8.66 stars GoodReads:The Power of One Review: I thoroughly enjoyed many elements of this book, and I learned a tremendous amount about boxing and the history of South Africa, through a child’s eye view. However, my opinion took a downward plunge toward the end of the book — specifically the final 5 pages of the book. I don’t want to include any spoilers, but what on earth was the author thinking?!? I interpreted the book’s message so differently from what is depicted in the final scene. Perhaps I owe the author a second reading. STRANGE!!!Update:Just downgraded my review from 3 to 2 stars. The more I think about the story and try to derive meaning from it, the madder I get! Tandia (The Power Of One Book 2) First published: August 30th 1998Rating: 8 stars GoodReads:Tandia Review: Tandia sat waiting anxiously for the fight to begin between the man she loved the most in the world and the…

Daughters Of England – read online free book series
Popular Series / 31.10.2017

Author:Philippa Carr, First Book Publish:1975 Books in series: 18 Avg. Book Rating:7.7 Characters: , Claudine de Tourville, Jonathan Frenshaw, David Frenshaw, Linnet Pennlyon, Colum Casvellyn, Tamsyn Casvellyn The Changeling (Daughters Of England Book 1) First published: May 2nd 1989Rating: 7.8 stars GoodReads:The Changeling Review: Fifteenth in the Daughters of England historical fiction series in the gothic romance vein. The focus in this one is on a Victorian-era daughter, Rebecca Mandeville and her family.My TakeA typical gothic romance with cozy overtones that thwart Carr’s attempts to create tension and drama. I’m not sure if my frustration with this is due to how long ago this story was first released and the silly tropes used in this were typical of the writing styles when this was written or if this was an aberration. I know I liked Victoria Holt, one of Carr’s pseudonym’s, when I was a kid. That said, the protagonist, Rebecca, annoyed the hell out of me. She’s such a snot. Granted, she has reason for her unhappiness, but even as she grows, she doesn’t acknowledge how unfair she’s been, although she’s quite keen to disparage others for doing exactly what she’s doing. She is so incredibly clueless… And I…

Heidi – read online free book series
Popular Series / 31.10.2017

Author:Johanna Spyri, Angelo Rinaldi, Beverly Cleary, Ваня Пенева, Йохана Спири First Book Publish:1963 Books in series: 2 Avg. Book Rating:7.9 Characters: Heidi (Heidi Book 1) First published: December 28th 1963Rating: 7.9 stars GoodReads:Heidi Review: I just finished reading Heidi aloud to the kids. What a sweet story! Heidi is a happy, optimistic girl. She loves nothing more than being on the mountain, enjoying the flowers and goats, as well as her beloved grandfather and neighbors.When she is taken away to live in the city with a wealthy family, to keep Clara company, both Heidi and her grandfather are very unhappy. Still, Heidi is able to form a deep friendship with Clara, who is ill and cannot walk.Soon enough, though, Heidi is able to return to her beloved mountain air.This Pollyanna-type book is full of joyful raptures, references to God and why he sometimes doesn’t answer our prayers right away, loving relationships, forgiveness, and the joy of simple living.We loved this book. I have to say, it can get a little slow at times, so I recommend it for experiences listeners (whether young or old) who can delight in passages about beautiful flowers and such. Хайди и Клара (Heidi Book 2)…

Assassin’s Creed – read online free book series.
Movie Adaptation / 12.08.2016

Assassin’s Creed ― is a novel based on the plot of the original series of games of Assassin’s Creed. The series of bookswere written by English writer Oliver Bowden, who is also known as Anton Gill or Ray Evans, and was released by Penguin Books. Now, the readers can find four books: Assassin`s Creed: Renaissance, (2009), Assassin`s Creed: Brotherhood (2010), Assassin`s Creed: The Secret Crusade (2011) and Assassin`s Creed: Revelations (2011). Despite that the books cover an enormous period of time, its plot is running in Italy, in XV century.   Betrayed by Italian ruling families a young man goes up on the warpath. To root out corruption and restore the honor of his family, he is going to learn the art of Assassins.Ezio meets great people of the Renaissance era – Leonardo da Vinci and Niccolo Machiavelli. Their wisdom helps him to gain necessary skills to survive.   Interesting facts Unlike the game, Ezio’s girlfriend Christina has a surname of Calfucci, not Vespucci. The name of the person, a leader of the Florentine and Roman thieves, called La Volpe, is revealed. His real name is Gilbert. The former wife of Dante Moro changed her name from Carlotta to Gloria….