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First Book Publish:2013
Books in series: 4
Avg. Book Rating:6.5

Hammered by the Hydra book 1 cover

Hammered by the Hydra (Unearthly Delights Book 1)

First published: October 18th 2013Rating: 6.74 stars
GoodReads:Hammered by the Hydra

I liked this story. It combines elements of erotic SF with adventure which I find appealing over the normal every day erotic stories.

Analyzed by the Alien book 2 cover

Analyzed by the Alien (Unearthly Delights Book 2)

First published: November 8th 2013Rating: 6.44 stars
GoodReads:Analyzed by the Alien

I liked this one a lot. I thought it had a great story and loved the way it was written. I thought it was great. The ending was interesting and I actually wanted it to continue on. I thought it would have made a great long story and wanted this to go longer. Probably my second favorite in the series.

Mounted by the Minotaur book 3 cover

Mounted by the Minotaur (Unearthly Delights Book 3)

First published: December 7th 2013Rating: 6.38 stars
GoodReads:Mounted by the Minotaur

Good, interesting short story. I liked the author’s writing style. Just wished her stories were a little longer and more detailed because the story plots and themes had expansion potential.

Laved by the Lycanthrope book 4 cover

Laved by the Lycanthrope (Unearthly Delights Book 4)

First published: November 21st 2013Rating: 6.4 stars
GoodReads:Laved by the Lycanthrope

WARNING: My stories tell erotic tales of monster and beast sex. They are graphic in both language and content, and not for the squeamish. Not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

Sidney has only been working as a veterinarian at the Garden of Unearthly Delights for eight months, but that’s more than enough time to know she loves her job and the exotic creatures she tends to every day. The lycanthrope—a beast caught halfway between man and wolf—holds a special place in her heart, and in her darkest fantasies…

When a routine vet visit turns into an erotic encounter, Sidney can’t deny she’s secretly been longing for the lycanthrope. But is she woman enough to handle his unique breed of sensual torture, or will he take her to erotic heights too magnificent for a human body to endure?

Approximately 4500 words

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