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First Book Publish:2016
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:8.1

The Secret History of Twin Peaks book 1 cover

The Secret History of Twin Peaks (Twin Peaks Book 1)

First published: October 17th 2016Rating: 8.06 stars
GoodReads:The Secret History of Twin Peaks

This is an enjoyable “object” of a book with some fun bits to it, but as a book you try to read from cover to cover, it can be a bit dry. Also, there’s a lot more UFO talk than I’d care for. That part just didn’t feel very Twin Peaks to me. But elsewhere there are some fun connections and info, though at times it seems to conflict with the show when it recounts some character’s backstories. I think it’s far from essential reading, and you really would have to be a fan to get what there is to get

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