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First Book Publish:2014
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:7.9

The Desert Lord's Baby (Harlequin comics) book 1 cover

The Desert Lord’s Baby (Harlequin comics) (Throne Of Judar [manga] Book 1)

First published: January 26th 2014Rating: 7.94 stars
GoodReads:The Desert Lord’s Baby (Harlequin comics)

Opening the front door, Carmen holds her breath. Farooq is looking down at her with hate-filled eyes. A year and a half ago, she met the desert prince, Farooq, at an international conference. They fell in love, and she became pregnant. But she couldn’t imagine marrying someone like him, so she hid her pregnancy and disappeared. And now that Farooq knows the truth, he’s come for her. Resistence is futile. He grabs her arm and steals a kiss, making her lose any strength in her body. There was no woman who could withstand his charm.

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