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First Book Publish:2014
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:7.8

Glimpse book 1 cover

Glimpse (The Tesla Effect Book 1)

First published: August 28th 2014Rating: 7.58 stars

When Tesla Abbott and her best friend Keisha sneak into a college party, they have a frightening confrontation with a couple of linebacker-sized creeps, and Finn, the hot guy who threw the party, is inexplicably hostile. But Tesla is used to things going badly. Her mother is dead and her dad won’t talk about it, she has weird, differently-colored eyes, and uncanny abilities with all things mathematical. She assumes the ruined party is just one more day in her disastrous life, until she discovers that her family is under surveillance. Finn and his roommates seem to know an awful lot about the Abbotts, and they, along with a criminal scientist, a gorgeous stranger who suddenly appears, and a network of international spies think Tesla is the best way to get to her physicist father, who is close to a breakthrough in his work on time travel. But Tesla doesn’t know anything about her dad’s work–or does she? Are her ‘gifts’ somehow connected to her father’s top-secret project? When her father is kidnapped, Tesla must make difficult choices–she doesn’t have much time, and what’s left of her family could be destroyed forever.

Run book 2 cover

Run (The Tesla Effect Book 2)

First published: December 9th 2014Rating: 8.28 stars

After the summer she’d just survived, Tesla Abbott assumed her life would return to some kind of normalcy, but her junior year is not exactly off to a great start. She’s accepted a part-time job with a secret government agency and the physical training required has intensified her strange abilities—those same abilities she has always tried to hide and that have now been revealed in front of the entire school. To make matters worse, Finn runs hot and cold, and Sam wants more from her than she’s ready to give. Plus, her dad has information about her mother’s death that he won’t divulge. If Tesla jumps back in time again, will she learn what really happened to her mother? Better yet, can she do the unthinkable, and prevent it from happening at all? Tesla assumes life will be simpler, clearer if she jumps back. What she finds, however, is that everything just got a whole lot more complicated. She tries to control the past in order to create the future she wants, but learns that every action has unintended consequences: her mom is not at all what Tesla expected, the guy who kidnapped her father last summer is alive and well in the past, and Tesla’s boy troubles have, quite literally, just begun.

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