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First Book Publish:2013
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:7.5

A King Ensnared (The Stewart Chronicles #1) book 1 cover

A King Ensnared (The Stewart Chronicles #1) (The Stewart Chronicles Book 1)

First published: November 5th 2013Rating: 7.48 stars
GoodReads:A King Ensnared (The Stewart Chronicles #1)

I really like this book. I have read very little about James I, King of Scots, who spent eighteen years in English captivity so it was new territory for me. A better job had been done on the proof-reading as well which also mad it a more enjoyable read. It wasn’t a good thing to be a Royal Stewart as James I uncle, The Duke of Albany had already killed one of his nephews in order to maintain his hold on power in Scotland and if that meant leaving James a penniless prisoner in England, so be it.

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