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First Book Publish:2009
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:7.1

Maddy Becomes a Ponygirl book 1 cover

Maddy Becomes a Ponygirl (The Maddy Saga Book 1)

First published: May 14th 2009Rating: 7.14 stars
GoodReads:Maddy Becomes a Ponygirl

Madeline Bernham, a 22 year old American beauty, is kidnapped by cruel and callous slavers and exported to the former Soviet Republic of Kalikastan. There she is converted into a ponygirl and condemned to satisfy the carnal desires of her captors. More importantly, deprived of all human rights, she begins her training to become an unwilling participant in the Kalikastani national sport, ponygirl racing. Hooded and gagged, her arms bound behind her, forever forbidden speech, Maddy struggles to cope with her new life as a mere beast subject to the whips and whims of her masters. Adult fiction. BDSM.

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