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First Book Publish:2009
Books in series: 4
Avg. Book Rating:7.3

A Baby For Mommy book 1 cover

A Baby For Mommy (The Lone Star Dads Club Book 1)

First published: October 12th 2009Rating: 7.12 stars
GoodReads:A Baby For Mommy

With a busy career and three kids to feed, single father Dan Kingsland needs help to bring peace to his chaotic household! Hiring a professional chef is such a perfect solution, Dan doesn’t notice the baby bump under Emily Stayton’s coat.Emily, after working on her career for so many years, is finally getting what she wants–a baby–and going where she wants: home to the peach orchard her family used to own. Then her ex-fiance outbids her on the land and offers a compromise: a business relationship.When Dan shares the joy of her baby’s first kick, he realizes he’s falling for his very temporary employee. His kids need a mom as much as her baby needs a dad. With Emily’s old flame pressuring her to sign that contract, can Dan come up with his own compromise before it’s too late?

A Mommy for Christmas book 2 cover

A Mommy for Christmas (The Lone Star Dads Club Book 2)

First published: November 30th 2009Rating: 7.5 stars
GoodReads:A Mommy for Christmas

Next-door neighbors and fellow single parents Travis Carson and Holly Baxter don’t know what they’d do without each other. Besides being good friends, they’re each other’s backup in times of domestic chaos, which, with four preschoolers between them, is most of the time!They have just one unwritten rule: they have to stay friends. But after sharing a knock-your-socks-off kiss, friendship no longer seems like enough.

To top it off, Travis’s little girls have decided they want a mommy for Christmas. And they want the whole town, including Holly, to help them find the perfect mate. Can Holly watch the man she’s come to depend on date other women? Can Travis sit back and watch Holly’s ex reenter her life?

Could it be that the perfect holiday solution lies right next door–for both of them?

Wanted: One Mommy book 3 cover

Wanted: One Mommy (The Lone Star Dads Club Book 3)

First published: March 15th 2010Rating: 7.48 stars
GoodReads:Wanted: One Mommy

Caroline Mayer has made a successful career out of planning everybody’s wedding but her own. But this is the first time she’s been asked to stop one!Jack Gaines is certain his mother’s impending nuptials are a big mistake. The take-charge CEO is too smart to believe in happy endings. His matchmaking mom and young daughter don’t agree! And his instant attraction to Caroline is making the single father wonder if he’s really a romantic at heart after all.

Caroline never planned on falling in love with Jack’s family. And now his lively little girl is making her think twice about putting her own dreams of motherhood on hold.

Chemistry aside–is Caroline ready to trust her future to one stubborn, overprotective, utterly irresistible Texan?

The Mommy Proposal book 4 cover

The Mommy Proposal (The Lone Star Dads Club Book 4)

First published: August 9th 2010Rating: 7.32 stars
GoodReads:The Mommy Proposal

Gearing up to be a single father to his newly adopted son could be the toughest job Nate Hutchinson has ever taken on. That’s why the self-made millionaire hired makeover expert Brooke Mitchell to turn his lonely bachelor estate into a real home…”and” provide him with some much-needed parenting advice.As a widow with a son of her own, Brooke’s heart goes out to Nate’s new charge…and to the sexy CEO who’s trying to be the best dad he can be. But temporarily living under the same roof with Nate, no matter how attracted he is to her, doesn’t make them an instant family. He’s still her boss–at least for now–and no pressure from the matchmaking boys is going to make her fall for Nate.

Unless of course, it’s already too late!

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