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First Book Publish:2014
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:7.9

Long, Hot Texas Summer book 1 cover

Long, Hot Texas Summer (The Canyon Book 1)

First published: August 25th 2014Rating: 7.92 stars
GoodReads:Long, Hot Texas Summer

I loved this book!! There is something about second chances and second time around romance. It was still hot.. Love flirty reads. Anticipation can be fun. Great characters..

Daisies in the Canyon book 2 cover

Daisies in the Canyon (The Canyon Book 2)

First published: December 15th 2014Rating: 7.8 stars
GoodReads:Daisies in the Canyon

Is blood thicker than water, as the old family saying goes? Depends… upon circumstances, events, willingness to open hearts. A fast, simple read just for the heck of it. What do cowboy boots and combat boots have in common? They both can tromp thru pig-poop, mud and horse manure, then look great at a wedding! Daisies? Significant at weddings, funerals… and that Spring-fresh covering of a landscape. A bit of gratuitous sex, but relieved by plenty of ranchin’ action and mouth-waterin’ home coo

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