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Nearly 300 years after the holocaustalnuclear war the remains of mankind is living on threegigantic spaceshipsnamed Phoenix, Walden, and Arcadia, which are located far from the infected earth. Now, one hundred teenagers are going to be send to the Earth with a very difficult and riskfulmission: to check the planet’s conditions and to colonize it. This mission can become a real chance for themfor a new life or a death sentence.


“The 100” is a famous post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel, which was written by Kass Morgan in 2013. The author skillfully fills the text with wonderful and precise details, including the description of everyday life. The boys and girls, who are going to put off on a long journey were never meant to be heroes, but now these guysare the last hope for all mankind.Thanks to the absence of heavy and dull descriptions, the book is read in one breath. The resolution is surprisingly unexpected and gives us pleasant feelings. Sometimes, it seems that it is better to eliminate a great number of abstract scenes, however without them the story wouldn’t be so pertinent, full and satirical. Morgan Kass’s “The 100/The Hundred” has a deep plot and a lot of dynamic events. It may be interesting to the admirers of science fiction, both to adults and teenagers.


“When seeing after the teenagers fighting to survive and trying to create a new civilization on the devastated earth, you experience the same intense excitement when reading “Lord of the Flies”.

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