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First Book Publish:2001
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:7.2

Dangerous Intentions book 1 cover

Dangerous Intentions (Taggert Security Team Book 1)

First published: November 13th 2001Rating: 7.16 stars
GoodReads:Dangerous Intentions

Kiley Chapman has moved on from being a kidnap victim 10 years ago to a successful magazine editor. But when the need to have her protected arises, her uncle knows his strong willed niece will never accept a bodyguard around her 24/7 so he hires Scott Danger, an ex special forces specialist to play the part of a hero for one of her articles. Little did they know he wouldn’t be acting for long. Scott does all he can to keep Kiley alive as she struggles to help a friend fight for her life while fa

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