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First Book Publish:2011
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:6.9

Witness the Night book 1 cover

Witness the Night (Simran Singh Book 1)

First published: September 30th 2011Rating: 6.92 stars
GoodReads:Witness the Night

This seemed to take me a long time to get through and the book is not long. It deals with controversial issues pertaining to the selection of gender in the Punjab raising questions which I very much doubt are easily answered.

Origins of Love book 2 cover

Origins of Love (Simran Singh Book 2)

First published: May 31st 2012Rating: 6.64 stars
GoodReads:Origins of Love

For anyone interested in the rapidly expanding womb surrogacy industry in India and Europe, or contemporary life in India’s Delhi, Origins of Love is a must-read. This is Kishwar Desai’s second of three novels set in India and Britain with the cheerful, somewhat eccentric sleuth/social worker Ms Simran Singh as the protagonist. It’s both a page turner but also quite a complexly structured novel with a sizable suite of characters including the English couple trying for a child, to a broad array o

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