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First Book Publish:2013
Books in series: 4
Avg. Book Rating:7.3

Stronger book 1 cover

Stronger (Runaway Book 1)

First published: October 9th 2013Rating: 7.2 stars

My name is Jasmine and I have HIV.I was 14 years old the first time my mother’s boyfriend hit me and at the age of 18, I was forced to be a prostitute. Cast away by the same people I thought were family, I was ready to take my own life. Until I met Nate. He didn’t run away when I said I was sick. But I wonder why a handsome, funny, Mr. Right like him would love someone like me?My name is Nate and I have a secret.I met Jasmine at a crossroads in my life. She was beautiful, desperate, and inspired me in ways I didn’t know were possible. She makes me better in everything and I want to help her get better, too. But I have a secret, one she doesn’t have to know – until the time is right.

Relentless book 2 cover

Relentless (Runaway Book 2)

First published: January 12th 2014Rating: 8.22 stars

Raised by her grandmother in a poverty-stricken borough of New York, Shimmy knew what it was to lust after things she couldn’t have. To her surprise, the popular and rich star basketball player at her school, Ben, returned her affections.

But when their puppy love got Shimmy pregnant, she was forced to upheave her life in order to provide for her new son, working jobs and going hungry so he could eat. Finally, she made the hardest decision of her life, giving up her child to Ben’s family so that she could get her feet on the ground.

It was when things were finally going right for Shimmy that everything went wrong. She got a new apartment and a new job after Mama’s nightclub was raided. But Ben became different, his family wouldn’t let her see her son, and she had the nagging suspicion that not everything was what it seemed.

Now, she’ll have to rely on Tyler, a private investigator, to help her go through hell and back in order to regain custody of her baby. After all, a mother is relentless when it comes to the well-being of her child.

Wiser book 3 cover

Wiser (Runaway Book 3)

First published: December 4th 2013Rating: 7.56 stars

Being a barmaid in the Big Apple is not that bad, but the extra things I’m forced to do for horny clients are a different story. Jake was unlike any other men in the bar, though. He was a hot, passionate DJ who played at the nightclub, and a welcome distraction. Our love scorched — something almost too hot to touch. When I was with him, anything was possible. Until I told him we’re going to have a baby, and he just wasn’t there anymore. Carrying something both precious and terrifying, I met Dan. He was completely hot, alarmingly charming, and genuinely caring. He took special interest in me for more than my looks and offered me a way out of the nightclub. Our lovemaking rocked me to my soul. But just when things are looking up for me and my baby, two things happen: Jake comes back into the picture and Dan reveals that Jake is his brother…

Selfless book 4 cover

Selfless (Runaway Book 4)

First published: January 8th 2014Rating: 8.12 stars

To escape a dangerous boyfriend, Pumpkin started working in Mama’s nightclub, where she learned to sell her assets to the customers.
The nightclub was also where she met Cream — and became part of a closely knit sisterhood.

Everything was going fine until cops raid the nightclub, pushing Pumpkin and Cream to the streets.

Desperation forced the girls into a situation they didn’t understand, and now they’re faced with a nightmarish reality.
It was one thing to sell themselves for a night. It’s another when their bodies and souls are sold to the highest bidder.

Locked up and abused, they desperately plan for a way to escape. But what happens when the only way out means one has to be left behind?

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