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First Book Publish:2007
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:7.4
Characters: Jim Lassiter, Jane Withersteen,

Riders of the Purple Sage book 1 cover

Riders of the Purple Sage (Riders Of The Purple Sage Book 1)

First published: August 31st 2007Rating: 7.38 stars
GoodReads:Riders of the Purple Sage

My book club picked this book. My book club is made up of 80% Mormons, so imagine my surprise when I realized the bad guys of this book are none other than Utah Mormons in the 1800’s.

The Rainbow Trail book 2 cover

The Rainbow Trail (Riders Of The Purple Sage Book 2)

First published: May 15th 2012Rating: 7.66 stars
GoodReads:The Rainbow Trail

The sequel to the famous “Riders of the Purple Sage”, Shefford returns to the West to find the lost Faye and rescue Jane and Lassiter, whom he thinks are sealed in a canyon (“canon” as Grey calls them) after a landslide Lassiter created to save them from Mormon bad guys.

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