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First Book Publish:2012
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:7.6

Rescue the Captors book 1 cover

Rescue the Captors (Rescue The Captors Book 1)

First published: November 30th 2012Rating: 7.64 stars
GoodReads:Rescue the Captors

Not the best written book, but what a story! Imagine being in a life-or-death situation and deciding to live according to your Christian beliefs instead of cowering in fear. That’s the premise of this charming book. The author admits to his mistakes and failures, yet attests to the power of starting over every day. More than a true adventure, this is a book about a man’s spiritual journey, once that strengthens him and impacts those around him. They have guns, but he has the Word. Definitely wor

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