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First Book Publish:2015
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:7.5

Hard Knocks book 1 cover

Hard Knocks (Practice Perfect Book 1)

First published: January 10th 2016Rating: 8.06 stars
GoodReads:Hard Knocks

I read Acute Reactions by Ruby Lang last year and really enjoyed it. She was a new to me author and I found her voice very fresh and smart. I was excited to see another book in this series of three girlfriends who meet in medical school and now share office space. In this book we have Helen, a neurologist and Adam, a NHL (professional hockey) player.

Acute Reactions book 2 cover

Acute Reactions (Practice Perfect Book 2)

First published: March 22nd 2015Rating: 7.16 stars
GoodReads:Acute Reactions

I love the way the author writes!! I cracked up a bunch & the continual description of Ian’s glasses was so cute, for example.

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