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First Book Publish:2014
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:7.2

Ghost Hunters book 1 cover

Ghost Hunters (Pitchfork County Book 1)

First published: January 31st 2015Rating: 8.08 stars
GoodReads:Ghost Hunters

Dick Mars has just one goal in life—capture real ghosts on film. But when his hunt for ghosts brings him to Pitchfork County, he’s bit off more than he can chew.

To get what he wants, Dick will have to go toe-to-toe with the Woodhawk sisters and ride herd on a reluctant film crew.

But just getting to the haunting is the easy part. Soon enough Dick finds himself fighting to survive, as the ghosts of Pitchfork begin hunting him…

Half-Made Girls book 2 cover

Half-Made Girls (Pitchfork County Book 2)

First published: September 29th 2014Rating: 7.1 stars
GoodReads:Half-Made Girls

A Pitchfork County Novel

Joe Hark’s job as the Night Marshal of Pitchfork County seems straightforward enough: Find the monsters, kill the monsters. But Joe is married to one of the most powerful witches in Pitchfork, and spends almost as much time keeping an eye on her as he does dealing with occult crimes and shadowy horrors in the rest of the county. Even his children, a little girl who plays host to a rogue’s gallery of strange spirits and a young man with a demonic secret, keep him on his toes. All Joe really wants is a simple life, a bottle of good whiskey, and a break from the horrors of his job.

But nothing in Pitchfork County is ever simple, and the horrors just keep on coming. Someone’s hung a mutilated girl on a cross in Pitchfork’s most infamous church, dragging Joe into the most challenging case of his career. Joe’s investigation into the ritual murder leads him through the dark underbelly of the Ozarks to the doorstep of a twisted cult of meth addicts. As Joe digs deeper into the mystery, he soon finds himself the target of the murderers and must stop them before they can summon their dark god and destroy everything he holds dear.

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