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First Book Publish:2005
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:9.2

A River Too Deep book 1 cover

A River Too Deep (People Of The Book Book 1)

First published: November 3rd 2005Rating: 9.16 stars
GoodReads:A River Too Deep

Love the Native American history and the chemistry of the main characters. The character development and names are a pleasure. I felt the scriptural references were VERY clunky and unrealistic in the beginning. The beginning was slow, but once the story was in full swing I enjoyed it immensely. I liked Light Birds Song (the second novel) much better even.

Light Bird's Song book 2 cover

Light Bird’s Song (People Of The Book Book 2)

First published: August 31st 2007Rating: 9.36 stars
GoodReads:Light Bird’s Song

Light Bird enjoyed life among her people. She was adored by both her family and clan, the only wrinkle being a warrior from a neighboring tribe who showed an interest she didn’t return. But his action set into motion a series of events that would rip Light Bird away from the peace, love and security that she had grown up with and plunge her into a world of uncertainty and despair with a man she didn’t know and could only fear.

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