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First Book Publish:1972
Books in series: 3
Avg. Book Rating:7.8
Characters: Sam Spade, Casper Gutman, Effie Perine, Joel Cairo, Brigid O'Shaughnessy,

The Maltese Falcon book 1 cover

The Maltese Falcon (Nova Coleção Vampiro Book 1)

First published: April 30th 1972Rating: 7.84 stars
GoodReads:The Maltese Falcon

It is my third reading of Maltese Falcon, and I get astonished by it every single time. This founding novel of the noir never fails to remind me of chaos and our need to find a meaningful center. The plot, like that of Chandler novels, is labyrinthine (off course!). As Sam Spade takes us on a ride through the city, not much is clear prima facia, and on top of it, he has to struggle to hold his own. Wit keeps him going. It is a dangerous landscape. One has to think quick and think correct. One is

The Big Bow Mystery book 2 cover

The Big Bow Mystery (Nova Coleção Vampiro Book 2)

First published: December 11th 1982Rating: 6.64 stars
GoodReads:The Big Bow Mystery

The seminal locked-room murder mystery, essential reading for genre enthusiasts—as its ranking on the “Queen’s Quorum” attests—”The Big Bow Mystery” remains worthwhile not only for the cleverness of its plot but for the pleasures of prose such as this:

Kniepadatas Noslēpums book 3 cover

Kniepadatas Noslēpums (Nova Coleção Vampiro Book 3)

First published: February 3rd 1995Rating: 6.92 stars
GoodReads:Kniepadatas Noslēpums

An Author I did not know, a novel full of rhythm and with a mysterious plot… Although written in the first part of the twentieth century, the novel remains interesting and easy to read (not using too many expressions that might make it difficult to understand or to read).

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