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Author:Allen Steele
First Book Publish:1989
Books in series: 5
Avg. Book Rating:7.4

Clarke County, Space book 1 cover

Clarke County, Space (Near Space Book 1)

First published: September 11th 1991Rating: 7.34 stars
GoodReads:Clarke County, Space

Clarke County is a huge space colony, owned by the company Skycorp and orbiting Earth in the mid-21st century. Over the years, the colonists and pioneers there have evolved a community identity. Now Skycorp want to develop their economy with tourism and this brings about trouble.

Orbital Decay book 2 cover

Orbital Decay (Near Space Book 2)

First published: October 31st 1989Rating: 7.48 stars
GoodReads:Orbital Decay

Choppy in places but an entertaining read. Not up to par with the authors later works but engaging enough. Beamjack concept a good foil for the character development. NSA global monitoring of comms… Did Allen travel to our time before he wrote the book?

A King of Infinite Space book 3 cover

A King of Infinite Space (Near Space Book 3)

First published: January 31st 1999Rating: 7.4 stars
GoodReads:A King of Infinite Space

Nostalgic 90’s sci-fi loaded with pop culture references that anyone who lived through the 90’s will get (and which will seem totally incomprehensible to Millenials). A rich trust fund kid goes to Lollapalooza and gets himself killed in a car wreck, only to wake up in the year 2099. A ‘deadhead’, his head and brain were frozen until being revived a hundred and four years later. Cloned into a brand new body, he regains his memories, escapes from his initial slavery and sets out to find his girlfriend, who was also put into cryogenic sleep. But as in the 20th century, there’s always the Man pulling the strings …

Labyrinth of Night book 4 cover

Labyrinth of Night (Near Space Book 4)

First published: September 30th 1992Rating: 7.04 stars
GoodReads:Labyrinth of Night

On Mars, a research team encounters an ancient puzzle that only a guitarist can solve

In 2029, an American research team ventures to Mars to investigate an astounding find: a labyrinth older than humanity itself, whose maze of rooms conceals the deepest secrets of the red planet. In the final chamber, strange music plays, as chilling as it is beautiful. It will be the last thing the scientist who discovers it ever hears. As the music rises to a climax, the chamber door closes, leaving him to die in the pitch dark.

Where one explorer has failed, Ben Cassidy must not. An internationally famous guitarist, his music is the closest thing on Earth to Mars’s deadly hymn. The government sends him into space to solve a planetary mystery, but what Cassidy encounters is a team of researchers whose jealous competition is every bit as dangerous as the secrets of Mars.

Lunar Descent book 5 cover

Lunar Descent (Near Space Book 5)

First published: September 30th 1991Rating: 7.68 stars
GoodReads:Lunar Descent

Explosive science fiction-forged in Steele. The moondogs are responsible for maintaining Skycorp’s most important off-world projects-and now they’re going on strike.

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