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Author:Rebecca York, Jean Johnson, Sharon Shinn, Carol Berg, Ruth Glick,
First Book Publish:2001
Books in series: 11
Avg. Book Rating:7.5
Characters: Lance Marshall, Savannah Carpenter, Adam Marshall, Johnny Marshall / Sam Morgan, Olivia Woodlock, Sara Weston, , Ross Marshall, Jack Thornton, Ayindral, Kathryn Reynolds, Megan Sheridan, Donald Arnott, Hank Lancaster, Walter Galveston, Betty Daniels, Dory Sheridan, Carter Stillwell, Ross, Renata aka Rocanda, Jacob aka Jalerak, Questabaze

Shadow of the Moon book 1 cover

Shadow of the Moon (Moon Book 1)

First published: June 5th 2006Rating: 7.62 stars
GoodReads:Shadow of the Moon

His gifts help him uncover the hot stories. But his latest investigation will take him inside a sinister world of power and pleasure, alongside a woman who knows how to bring out the animal in him…Lance Marshall has a nose for great news stories. It’s not surprising, since his werewolf abilities allow him to move with greater speed and stealth than any human. Now he’s on the prowl outside an ultra-exclusive Washington, D.C., nightclub—”The Castle”—a heavily protected building within a forested park. But he is not alone. There is someone else in the woods who wants to get inside the secretive club.Savannah Carpenter’s sister lies in a coma—and Savannah knows that the mysterious goings-on in the Castle have something to do with it. Her wild sister had visited the club several times to partake in some erotic—and dangerous—fun and games, and Savannah wants answers. To get them, she joins forces with Lance, and the two pretend to be lovers to gain entrance.But the raw passion that arises between them is anything but an act. And the closer they get to each other, the closer they get to uncovering the truth—and the monstrous evil that lies in the heart of the Castle…

Moon Swept book 2 cover

Moon Swept (Moon Book 2)

First published: October 6th 2003Rating: 8 stars
GoodReads:Moon Swept

Rebecca York’s Witching Moon and Crimson Moon, two of her acclaimed werewolf novels, come together in one exhilarating volume of suspense and sensuality under the pale light of the moon. In Witching Moon, a werewolf park ranger must keep his identity a secret, but when he comes across a bewitching biologist, he forgets everything but the lust coursing through his body. Until the pair comes face-to-face with pure evil.

New Moon book 3 cover

New Moon (Moon Book 3)

First published: March 5th 2007Rating: 7.66 stars
GoodReads:New Moon

It’s in one man’s true nature to remain by the side of the woman he loves, rather than live without her in his own universe…Landscape architect Logan Marshall is out for a jog — in his werewolf form — when a trap catches his paw. As it saps his strength, he is saved by another werewolf, who — to Logan’s amazement — is female.Female werewolves aren’t supposed to exist. But Rinna is a shapeshifter from another dimension who’s traveled through a portal to this world. And the trap that ensnared Logan was set by her former captor, and meant for her….But as soon as Rinna and Logan touch, an electrifying bond forms between them. Unable to resist his desire for Rinna, in all her many forms, Logan will have to earn her trust, and travel through both dimensions to save her — and earth — from the wrath of her enemy….

Elemental Magic book 4 cover

Elemental Magic (Moon Book 4)

First published: November 5th 2007Rating: 6.58 stars
GoodReads:Elemental Magic

Four all-new stories of romance, fantasy, and natural enchantment. From wizards to weathermen, many know the powers of the four elements-natural forces that can direct the fates, change destiny, and unite lovers in the most unexpected ways. Now, those magical elements-air, fire, water, and earth-come together in perfect balance, and a perfectly unique romance anthology, from four charmed authors. In Air find romance in a breathless retelling of the Cinderella fable from award-winning Sharon Shinn, “an amazing writing talent”(“Best Reviews”). In Fire blazes adventure in a parallel dimension of werewolves and love-slaves from “USA Today” bestselling Rebecca York, “a true master” (“Rave Reviews”). In Water resides fantasy and a remarkable universe of magic, demons, and dangerous passion from “thoroughly original” (Starburst) award-winner Carol Berg. And in Earth discover the ultimate in profound pleasure from Jean Johnson, “a fresh new voice in fantasy romance” (Robin D. Owens).

Crimson Moon book 5 cover

Crimson Moon (Moon Book 5)

First published: January 3rd 2005Rating: 7.7 stars
GoodReads:Crimson Moon

Needing a fresh start, a young werewolf heads west and changes his identity. As Sam Morgan, he meets Olivia Woodlock–a woman of many secrets, whose life is in jeopardy. If he can’t protect her, they’ll never have a chance to explore the passion that promises to bind them together for an eternity.

Edge of the Moon book 6 cover

Edge of the Moon (Moon Book 6)

First published: April 30th 2001Rating: 7.7 stars
GoodReads:Edge of the Moon

From the award-winning author of Killing Moon comes the second book in her paranormal romance trilogy. A police detective and a woman who files a missing persons report become the pawns of an unholy serial killer in a game of deadly attraction. Original.

Killing Moon book 7 cover

Killing Moon (Moon Book 7)

First published: December 30th 2001Rating: 7.34 stars
GoodReads:Killing Moon

I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy lately, paranormal, witches, werewolves, vampires. This was definitely one of the better books in that genre. Ross is a werewolf. Megan is a human. It is pretty well telegraphed from the beginning that the two are going to fall in love, but the rest of the book is getting them there without much emphasis on the actual falling in love part. I mean that this isn’t a romance book. There is a little romance, a little sex, but it’s very understated. There are only two sex scenes and they are short. The real meat of this book is in the mystery that brings them together. A man is abducting and killing women after torturing them for days. Ross is a PI and he was hired to find one of the victims. As a werewolf, he has heightened senses which makes his PI work easier but can get him in trouble with the cops he’s working with.I took a while finishing this book because I had to stop reading a few times as I was worried what these characters were going to get themselves into. Not everything I worried about happened, or happened in the way I worried, which was definitely a plus. The story moves relatively quickly, the characters aren’t overly stupid about their falling in love (which is a complaint I’ve had about a lot of love stories recently), and the ending is very satisfying. The world is ours, so the world building isn’t all that thorough, but it doesn’t have to be as it’s very clear from the beginning that this takes place in the United States in the 21st century. But there aren’t so many details that it won’t hold up in 10 years as well. Highly recommended.

Dark Moon book 8 cover

Dark Moon (Moon Book 8)

First published: December 12th 2011Rating: 7.14 stars
GoodReads:Dark Moon

Undercover on a slave ship of dark eroticism.DARK MOON is the next book in Rebecca York’s Moon Series and also the first novel in a new series, Decorah Security. Agents Emma Richards and werewolf Cole Marshall take on a dangerous undercover assignment, to rescue a young woman from sexual slavery on a cruise ship converted into a dark and dangerous pleasure palace. When they masquerade as lovers, the sexual attraction between Emma and Cole reaches flash point. But what will happen when Emma discovers her lover is a shape shifter?

Eternal Moon book 9 cover

Eternal Moon (Moon Book 9)

First published: April 6th 2009Rating: 7.76 stars
GoodReads:Eternal Moon

I liked this book to a point. It was written in typical Rebecca York fashion with fairly good characters and some sexy scenes, but I wasn’t pulled in like I was in the beginning of this series. She has taken it a bit far afield for me. It was okay. I read it quickly, but I am not sure I will read another one.

Dragon Moon book 10 cover

Dragon Moon (Moon Book 10)

First published: October 5th 2009Rating: 7.72 stars
GoodReads:Dragon Moon

I was enjoying this book, right up until the author forgot to transition between the location she’d taken the characters to and their home base. I was totally thrown out of the story, flipped back and forth rereading pages, trying to figure out what I’d missed. That cost the author a lot. This book could have so much better.

Ghost Moon book 11 cover

Ghost Moon (Moon Book 11)

First published: May 5th 2008Rating: 7.72 stars
GoodReads:Ghost Moon

York delivers the seventh novel in her paranormal Moon series. A freed slave from a parallel universe, Quinn has come to this world on a mission, but she’s interrupted by the ghost of Caleb, a seductive werewolf who had been murdered by the ancestors of Quinn’s dearest friends. Original.

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