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First Book Publish:2015
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:8.3

Chaos Bound (Mist Warden Book 1) book 1 cover

Chaos Bound (Mist Warden Book 1) (Mist Warden Book 1)

First published: January 3rd 2015Rating: 8.14 stars
GoodReads:Chaos Bound (Mist Warden Book 1)

An enjoyable YA novel with great characterization, description and dialogue. I enjoyed going back to my teen years and reliving the trials and tribulations that all young adults experience, especially mixed in with the elements of urban fantasy.

Curse Bound (Mist Warden, #2) book 2 cover

Curse Bound (Mist Warden, #2) (Mist Warden Book 2)

First published: February 5th 2016Rating: 8.66 stars
GoodReads:Curse Bound (Mist Warden, #2)

It was fantastic to rejoin these characters for another round of paranormal, intrigue and high school angst. The pace is very brisk, one disaster after another. You won’t want to put it down until the end, and even then, you’re left wanting the next installment. Congrats my Brae friends, you have another great story on your hands!

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