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First Book Publish:2016
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:9.2

Rescued (A McKenzie Ridge, #1) book 1 cover

Rescued (A McKenzie Ridge, #1) (Mckenzie Ridge Book 1)

First published: March 14th 2016Rating: 8.94 stars
GoodReads:Rescued (A McKenzie Ridge, #1)

Stephanie St. Klaire introduces us to the small town of McKenzie, Oregon, in “Rescued,” a place where everyone knows everyone and there is no such thing as a secret…..or is there? EMT Dawson Tayler is dedicated to his job, smoking hot and single. Nurse Sam Taylor is dedicated to her job and a feisty, whirling tornado. Oh, and single as well. The two banter and flirt with one another, and meet for a “friends” breakfast that somehow became a daily date….no, wait, they do not “date!” For Sam and Da

Hidden (A McKenzie Ridge Novel Book 2) book 2 cover

Hidden (A McKenzie Ridge Novel Book 2) (Mckenzie Ridge Book 2)

First published: June 29th 2016Rating: 9.5 stars
GoodReads:Hidden (A McKenzie Ridge Novel Book 2)

Hidden is a suspenseful exciting book that definitely keeps your attention. This is a well written book from start to finish and I loved Hidden as much as I did Rescued. Hidden is the perfect combination of suspense, romance, lovable animals and humorous secondary characters.I loved how Colton a sexy firefighter and animal lover just wanted to protect Megan and Jax from all the bad people from the past. The secondary characters and the animals all become a part of Megan’s family and want to prot

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