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First Book Publish:2014
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:8

Love in Rewind book 1 cover

Love in Rewind (Love In Rewind Book 1)

First published: May 16th 2014Rating: 8.04 stars
GoodReads:Love in Rewind

This is a story about an 18 year old Emily who meets and quickly falls in love with a 30 year old real estate tycoon, Louis. Within two days, Louis becomes obsessed with her, tells her he loves her, asks her to move in with him, seduces her and buys her a car. I found the story to be not only unbelievable but a little predatory. If all you are looking for is hot sex scenes, you will probably like this book. On the other hand, if you need good plot development and like a slow burn for character d

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