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First Book Publish:2010
Books in series: 4
Avg. Book Rating:6.9

Lights, Camera... Kiss the Boss book 1 cover

Lights, Camera… Kiss the Boss (International Grooms Book 1)

First published: January 31st 2010Rating: 7.4 stars
GoodReads:Lights, Camera… Kiss the Boss

The story development was good until first half of the book, but it went downhill for me when they firts got together. I thought Dan’s shift from the nothing’s-gonna-happen-between-us to the I-can’t-live-without-you was rather sudden, even though we had some insight on his thoughts from the beggining and knew that he was fighting his attraction to Ava all along. I just felt that there was no explanation as to why his baheviour towards Ava changed in a blink. And I also have to say that Dan’s lov

Rescued in a Wedding Dress book 2 cover

Rescued in a Wedding Dress (International Grooms Book 2)

First published: January 31st 2010Rating: 6.26 stars
GoodReads:Rescued in a Wedding Dress

Molly Michaels has been working very hard to change and not be a doormat anymore. Her ex-fiance had left her, taking all her money, leaving her behind with her dreams of happily ever after ruined.

Rodeo Bride book 3 cover

Rodeo Bride (International Grooms Book 3)

First published: January 31st 2010Rating: 7.14 stars
GoodReads:Rodeo Bride

He needs a cowgirl to show him the ropes…

Injured out of the army, soldier Dillon Farraday is stunned to discover he’s a dad. He can handle a battlefield — but not a bouncing baby boy!

Rodeo queen Colleen Applegate is the only one who can show him the ropes. When Dillon’s son was left on her porch, she became stand-in mom to the boy. Now Dillon’s got three weeks to pass daddy school with flying colors….

Her Prince's Secret Son book 4 cover

Her Prince’s Secret Son (International Grooms Book 4)

First published: January 31st 2010Rating: 6.74 stars
GoodReads:Her Prince’s Secret Son


Stepping into Prince Aleks’s turreted castle is like going back in time. Five years ago he didn’t tell Sara he was a prince, now he’s wearing a crown!

Sara once loved Aleks with all her heart, and she feels like the center of his world again. Yet she can’t help feeling that there are more secrets to be revealed …

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