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First Book Publish:2011
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:8.3

The Rabbit Died book 1 cover

The Rabbit Died (Holidays From Hell Short Story Book 1)

First published: June 21st 2011Rating: 8.18 stars
GoodReads:The Rabbit Died

A great short story that is very well written, hilarious at times and then pulling at your heart strings. Zelda could do without the holiday gatherings under the best of circumstances. Her two sisters and their families were a little much and didn’t always contribute to a congenial family gathering. Plus her mother is using/abusing medicinal marijuana, it’s all relative, right? And her father has left her mother for another woman. So, all in all, everything that’s needed for a Holiday from Hell.

Pull My Paw book 2 cover

Pull My Paw (Holidays From Hell Short Story Book 2)

First published: July 30th 2011Rating: 8.54 stars
GoodReads:Pull My Paw

Sue Ann Jaffarian is such an amazing author! This short story series is as good as her full-length novel series.

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