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First Book Publish:2012
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:6.4

Under the Gun book 1 cover

Under the Gun (Hardy And Day Book 1)

First published: February 29th 2012Rating: 6.36 stars
GoodReads:Under the Gun

A very hot quick M/M romance. Camdyn’s partner in life and at the PI firm has walked out on him and with a woman. Heartbroken Camdyn decides to move on. Malik was generally discharged from the army for helping a fellow gay soldier. Now he is back home and no clue where to go in his life. A chance meeting at a gun range puts Camdyn and Malik on course, but both are a little gun shy. They both want a relationship, but not sure if the other likes the dirty kinky side to sex.

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