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First Book Publish:2017
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:7.8
Characters: Thorn, Devyl, Sea Witch

Deadmen Walking book 1 cover

Deadmen Walking (Deadman’s Cross Book 1)

First published: May 8th 2017Rating: 7.84 stars
GoodReads:Deadmen Walking

I wanted to love this book, but I’d built up expectations from the pre-release teasers and this wasn’t that book. This is not a stand alone story, Ms Kenyon has created an incredibly intricate world and mythology in this series and with each new book it gets more dense and complex, I’ve missed a couple of recent releases which didn’t help me to completely understand all the happenings in this one. There are unanswered questions at the end of this book and no doubt the series will continue. Will

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