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First Book Publish:1989
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:7.7
Characters: Mrs. Davis, Elma Mary Fitzgerald, Arthur Holland, Inspector Tommy Rudge, Constable Richard Hempstead, Sir Wilfrid Denny, Walter Everett Fitzgerald, Mr. Edwin Dakers, Reverend Philip Mount, Alec Mount, Peter Mount, Neddy Ware, Rear-Admiral Hugh Lawrence Penistone, Jennie Merton, Detective-Sergeant Appleton

The Floating Admiral book 1 cover

The Floating Admiral (Crime à Hora Do Chá Book 1)

First published: January 29th 1989Rating: 7.74 stars
GoodReads:The Floating Admiral

I thought I may have read this before as I seem to recall having read a collaboration such as this thirty or so years ago but if I had I certainly did not remember it. This was first published in 1931 and twelve authors each wrote a chapter leaving the later authors to provide a solution to what was going on. In addition having read the novel another author wrote a prologue. There is also an appendix where the authors apart from the authors of the first two chapters and the prologue outlined how

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