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First Book Publish:2016
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:9.1

Desperation: Ceejay's Absolution (Club Wicked Cove Book 1) book 1 cover

Desperation: Ceejay’s Absolution (Club Wicked Cove Book 1) (Club Wicked Cove Book 1)

First published: May 14th 2016Rating: 9.14 stars
GoodReads:Desperation: Ceejay’s Absolution (Club Wicked Cove Book 1)

This edition is no longer available.

This is the first book in the Club Wicked Cove series. Desperation is a story about Colt Fargo, the owner of Club Wicked Cove, and Ceejay Powell, a woman driven by her past to join the lifestyle in an effort to find absolution for her guilt.

Colt happens upon Lady Silver involved in a scene that contravenes the ethics of his club and sets out to find what motivates her to demand such a scene each every time, subsequently giving her an ultimatum that she must accept if she wants to remain a member of the club.

The instantaneous attraction between them sends Colt on a mission to break through the wall to assuage the pain in Ceejay’s heart. In his quest, she finds the key to his guarded past and soon they are both fighting off the siege of emotions that threatens to overwhelm them.

By a quirk of fate, their dark association with the mob soon jeopardizes the solace that Colt Fargo has found in obscurity in the backwater town of Jacksonville, Texas in his quest to escape the life he once led as a reluctant member of a powerful American crime family whose long tentacles are now within striking distance of reeling him back in and squeezing the life out of Ceejay Powell.

This story ends in a cliffhanger…to continue in book 1, Part 2, Desperation: Colt’s Acquittal.

Note: This book is meant for mature audiences. Please read the notice inside the book before purchasing it.

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