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First Book Publish:2015
Books in series: 1
Avg. Book Rating:7.6

Out of Darkness book 1 cover

Out of Darkness (Cirenthian Chronicles Book 1)

First published: April 29th 2015Rating: 7.56 stars
GoodReads:Out of Darkness

Marcus was born over a thousand years ago. His life was unending, never changing, and he lived it in the dark. At least he did until a coven of powerful witches caught up to him.

Now he is in a new world, one where magic is much more powerful and prevalent. Even stranger, when he wakes up there, it’s the middle of the day and he has a heartbeat. It becomes obvious to him his life is about to change in ways he can’t predict as he is ignorant of the country and society he finds himself in.

Will he be able to find his way, build a new life, and rise out of the darkness of his past?

WARNING: This book is an erotic fantasy novel. If you are offended by explicit sex, do not buy this book. There are MF and MFF group scenes of a sexually explicit nature.

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