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First Book Publish:2012
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:8.1

As Novas Meninas dos Chocolates book 1 cover

As Novas Meninas dos Chocolates (Chocolate Girls Book 1)

First published: March 25th 2012Rating: 8.38 stars
GoodReads:As Novas Meninas dos Chocolates

This book was an amazing book to get stuck into and it sucked you in making you not want to put it down. I would recommend it to anyone

As Meninas dos Chocolates book 2 cover

As Meninas dos Chocolates (Chocolate Girls Book 2)

First published: January 21st 2017Rating: 7.94 stars
GoodReads:As Meninas dos Chocolates

A little disappointed to be honest, started off building a great story during World War Two, but I found it lost itself after the war has ended, a little far fetched, people who lost people during the war never found them, so to find David being reunited with his father was beyond believable although stranger things have happened.

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