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First Book Publish:2010
Books in series: 5
Avg. Book Rating:8
Characters: , Tara, Charisse, Dylan, Sandra, Gladys, Patty, Don Padilla, Ellie Manuel, Lucas Haresco, Tita Claire, Herman

My Imaginary Ex book 1 cover

My Imaginary Ex (Chic Manila Book 1)

First published: December 30th 2016Rating: 8.2 stars
GoodReads:My Imaginary Ex

Love starts from friendship. I believe it is an autobiography of Mina. Just kidding. She writes so well. I like the sequences of the story. It is awesome that their relationship is unplanned but it blooms naturally. They grow together as friends then they find themselves loving each other. That matured love we all dream of.

Fairy Tale Fail book 2 cover

Fairy Tale Fail (Chic Manila Book 2)

First published: April 16th 2010Rating: 7.68 stars
GoodReads:Fairy Tale Fail

Let me just say that I would always love Mina V. Esguerra books. Her writing is very relatable and easy and flowing and very conversational. I feel her characters, and her stories hit close to the heart. I will always run back to chick lit, because, I am such a hormonal romantic girl. And Mina is one of the few who fulfill the desires in me.

No Strings Attached book 3 cover

No Strings Attached (Chic Manila Book 3)

First published: January 18th 2017Rating: 7.84 stars
GoodReads:No Strings Attached

I felt like there could have been a little more character development from Dante… I wanted to hear more from his side. I was a decent storyline that wasn’t clichéd like other novels I’ve read.

Love Your Frenemies book 4 cover

Love Your Frenemies (Chic Manila Book 4)

First published: February 20th 2011Rating: 7.92 stars
GoodReads:Love Your Frenemies

I happen to like Kimmy Domingo, the heroine written so the reader can hate her and be pleased that she is hurt and damaged. But then, I’m American and I think Kimmy is just brutally honest and has no time for fakery and conventions.

That Kind of Guy book 5 cover

That Kind of Guy (Chic Manila Book 5)

First published: January 18th 2017Rating: 8.24 stars
GoodReads:That Kind of Guy

Another fun, short piece of chick-lit brain candy from Esguerra. I can picture most of her books as cute romantic comedy movies, and this one is no exception.

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