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First Book Publish:2014
Books in series: 2
Avg. Book Rating:7.3

Breakwater Bay book 1 cover

Breakwater Bay (Breakwater Bay Book 1)

First published: June 30th 2014Rating: 7.26 stars
GoodReads:Breakwater Bay

Meri Hollis’s life seems perfect she has a loving supporting family, a boyfriend, a job she loves, and friends but on her 30th birthday her family will tell her the truth about her past that will send her looking for answers. I personally think that Meri handled the news fairly well I don’t think that I would be as composed about it as she was to find out my “family” is not technically my “family”.

Newport Dreams: A Breakwater Bay Novella book 2 cover

Newport Dreams: A Breakwater Bay Novella (Breakwater Bay Book 2)

First published: June 9th 2014Rating: 7.34 stars
GoodReads:Newport Dreams: A Breakwater Bay Novella

Newport Dreams is a women’s fiction novella starting off the new Breakwater Bay series by Shelley Noble. Here we get an introduction the the characters that will be featured in the full length novels to follow. And what an off-beat but wonderful assortment of characters they were.

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