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“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” — is one of the most interesting books for children, which was written by Lewis Carroll, an English author, whose real name is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. As well as “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” allows the readers to find themselves in a very unusual and strange, but such a charming world, that many people who read this book in the childhood wish to reread it in later life. This story is difficult for translation, is difficult to watch it on a big screen, and, nevertheless, there are more than 40 film versions suited to every fancy.


In brief, Alice sees the White Rabbit hurrying somewhere holding a pocket watch. The girl follows this unusual creature and finds herself in the Wonderland, where everything is so strange and defies any logic. However, of course, the inhabitants of this “country” spicing everything up, and here the author lets the imagination run riot. So, here we can meet:

  • the White Rabbit (fussy, timid and always coming late),
  • the Worm (smoking hookah and sharing firm philosophical views),
  • the Cheshire cat (as crazy as a loon, always smiling and appear before his interlocutors in an uncompleted set of the body,
  • the Mad Hatter (not at all there too, however, it is expressed in pathological interest in tea drinking, and quite extravagant behavior with ladies),
  • A March Hare (is mentally unbalanced, always saying that he is thinking, and denies everything),
  • The Queen of Hearts (the main maniac of the country, which favorite hobby is ordering to behead everything that moves).

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