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The 5th Wave

“The 5th Wave” trilogy is a young adult, science fiction work written by Rick Yancey. The series has broad audience appeal, blurring the lines between young adult and adult fiction, and between genre and mainstream fiction, so that it cannot be easily wedged into one genre despite having many of the characteristics of young adult fiction.

People are used to think that waves are the things which we can enjoy at the shore, but nobody has even assumed that it can be dangerous power created by aliens that is able to change the world to the bad. And just five waves are enough to do that.

An ordinary family with two children having the ordinary evening watching together TV suddenly know out that there is a big alien ship above their city. After 10 days of inactivity the aliens start to attack the humanity. With the 1st wave they deprive people of electricity. This causes a lot of car and flight accidents. With the 2nd one there is a tsunami washing away everything on its way. The next brings fatal virus. The 4th makes it impossible to distinguish between the friend and the enemy. Nobody knows what the invaders have prepared under the 5th way. It seems that there is no use of trying to struggle. You will die anyway. Only a group of teenagers think they are able to beat the aliens.

The trilogy follows the story of 16 year old Cassiopeia “Cassie” Sullivan trying to survive in a world devastated by the waves of alien invasions that have already devastated the Earth’s population and knocked humankind back to the Stone Age and battling against those invaders. She struggles with all the tortures of all the waves at first with her brother, then alone and finally being accompanied by the new friends.

This book series proves that not only experienced and clear mind of the grown-up person is able to avoid death. Teenagers with their imprudence and courage are also able to become heroes and humankind saviors. Let us know if our planet and all humankind in safe hands.

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