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Indiana Jones Film Novelizations

This book series can be called special as it seems to be the only one popular which was created on the basis of films. It is also special as if it was written by different authors. Despite all these facts it is one of the biggest with 13 books written by different writers among which are Rob Macgregor, Martin Caidin, Max McCoy and Steve Perry.

The desperate and reckless man, Indiana Jones, is a typical image of treasure hunter who bravely meets all the obstacles while struggle with different gangsters, Nazis and secret agents, chases religious artifacts and sacred stones or rescues the children from strange kidnappers.

The plot is usually simple, but it involves elaborate twists and turns. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy all the adventures of Indy, to find out the secret of his name, main characteristic features such as a leather jacket, a hat a whip and a gun which always accompany him in his adventures, and the reason for his snake fear. Being independent from the top-actors, laying the stereotypes on the appearance of characters, this book series will provide you with the opportunity to imagine everything yourself and to make up your own Indiana Jones character. Being based on the films, the books differ being written in not shallow but more detailed manner describing he films events in more colored way.

Dipping into the world of Indiana Jones you will find out lots of secrets of archeological finds mixed with action and unexpected turnings. And don’t forget – the picture will become outdated and old-fashioned and the book will never lose its status and actuality as its plot and characters will always be unique and free from boundaries and stereotypes.

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